Letter from Our CEO

In 1966, community activist convened in Newark, NJ, to form Tri-City Citizens Union for Progress and to give birth to a “Dream that would never die.”  More than 50 years later, Tri-City transformed that Dream into Tri-City Peoples Corporation that provides comprehensive services through programs to community residents not only in the Newark metropolitan area but throughout northern New Jersey.   Tri-City's ability to integrate its programs to meet the needs of our clients is our most significant accomplishment that the agency repeatedly achieves each year. Our one-stop approach to service delivery produces better, measurable and more productive outcomes for each client.


Our success is credited to a multi-talented staff of dedicated professionals whose career goals and life's purpose align with Tri-City's Mission, Vision and Core Values.  We experience some of our greatest joys working with the children and adults who receive and/or benefit from our services.


Our services are funded by generous donors, as you, corporation foundations and government partners.  Reviving hope in community members to empower them to work collectively to rebuild and revitalize their neighborhoods is purpose-driven by our Mission to facilitate social and economic self-sufficiency.  It is with the support of our partners and donors that insures that the “Dream” birthed in 1966 continues to Live today.  For this reason, we are grateful, and we say “thank you for your support.”                                                         

Toni L. Caldwell

Executive Director/CEO